How StyleToGo works?

Step 1 - Getting Your Style and Wardrobe

Fill in the questionnaire created by our personal stylists team. If your stylist has any questions she will contact you.

Step 2 - The Lookbook

Your stylist creates a lookbook for you with items/cuts/colors complemented with explanations why they fit you. You rate the looks, what you liked or didn’t like.

Step 3 - Concierge Delivery

Your stylist sends 5-6 items to try on, that can create different looks. You keep what you like and we pick up the rest the next day. If our concierge service is not available in your area, we will refer you to online links.

Styling Fee

The service includes styling fee, lookbook creation, concierge delivery and returns, with the total cost of $99 (It’s an hourly personal stylist rate, but our process is more efficient to reduce costs). If you have a coupon code, please send it to your stylist.

StyleToGo FAQ

Do I need to buy the delivered items?

Definitely not! We are not getting any affiliate or commision fee. Our mission is to get you the perfect recomendations that work best with pre owned item from your wardrobe. Even if you don’t buy anything, we still learn what was working for you and what’s not to perfect our recommedations .

What about items on Sale?

The items are delivered from your local mall and will include all sales and promotions in the budget range you specified.

What if the size doesn’t fit?

If your stylist thinks that there might be a size problem, we will bring two sizes for you to try on.

Isn’t it a bit like Stitch Fix?

It's as simple as Stitch Fix but you get brands you know and love, within a day, to complement and updgrade your wardrobe. You have control over what is being sent to you.