StyleToGo FAQ for customers

How can I cancel?

Our cancelation policy is simple! - just tap cancel at Settings/Membership. You will not be charged if you cancel during the trial week. Our mission is to build a great company that provides a valuable service to the customers. We would like you to try the service for free to decide if it’s right for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your membership via

For how long do I need to pay the monthly membership?

It depends on your needs. You will be getting a lot of help and valuable advice during the season and even during the first free week. Some of the users will work with their personal stylist for one season and continue on their own, some would want to outsource all their shopping to their personal stylists, some would return twice a year during major season changes or holidays when there is high demand for personal style advice.

If the first week is free, why do I need to provide my payment details?

Our stylists provide a completely personalized one-one-one service during the first free week. It is important to us to connect our stylists with users who are truly interested in this service and utilize the free week to try the service. Based on our experience, users who provide CC details even if not charged are usually truly interested in the service. Otherwise we have tens of new “false” requests our stylist receive that are very difficult to handle.